You can find me at Dream Clinic U District on Mondays and Fridays PM for Western and Thai Massage.

My private practice is located In South Seattle, close to Othello Link station . E-mail me to book an appointment.

I am trained both in traditional Thai and Western massage, combining the best of these modalities. I am also a Yoga teacher and an Ayurvedic counselor – you may book just a massage with me, but, if you are interested, I will be happy to recommend yoga postures and exercises as well as Ayurvedic practices to support your well-being goals and extend the effects of the treatments you receive.

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I want to support women with my work by creating a nurturing, kind, and non-judgmental space to rest, reset and recharge. Massage affects not just your physical body – by resetting the nervous system and the mind it impacts your whole being.

My services

Karla O.

“This was my first time doing Thai and I must say, it’s probably the best kind of massage I’ve had. Loved it!”

Karla O.

Thai massage is a traditional therapeutic healing art that focuses on restoring balance to the body, the mind and the nervous system. Thai massage blends deep soothing compression, stretches (rarely included in traditional Western massage) and mobility exercises. Thai massage combines physical benefits with deep relaxation and restored sense of well-being.  Depending on your needs and focus of the session, Thai massage can be performed on a traditional floor mat or a massage table.

Lauren R.

“Thai massage was a terrific experience! I felt very cared for throughout and it was so relaxing! The follow up afterwards was outstanding!”

Lauren R.

Thai sports massage: focused session to reset or prepare the body for sports training or intense physical activity. Think of this a combination of soothing deep tissue and myofascial release. Sports massage is an important part of any training regiment, helping recover faster, promote flexibility and mobility, reduce fatigue and assist you in achieving optimal performance.Depending on your needs and focus of the session, Thai sports massage can be performed on a traditional floor mat or a massage table.

Jill G.

“Excellent experience with Thai massage – I was surprised by the depth of the massage with a more gentle approach.”

Jill G.

Western massage: tailored for your needs combination of Swedish, Deep tissue, Sports, Myofascial release and cupping.

Toni T.

“Pressure was perfect the whole time: very strong, but gentle at the same time.”

Toni T.

Abhyanga - traditional Ayurvedic body treatment with warm oil. Abhyanga is nourishment for the whole body: form the skin to the deep tissues. This very relaxing treatment pacifies Vata dosha and can help with typical Vata imbalances: sleep disorders, feeling anxious spacey or ungrounded. Please note that the hands-on time for this treatment is 60 minutes; appointment also includes time for a short Ayurvedic assessment and shower.

Whether you book a Thai, Western massage or Abhyanga, your session will be individual, unique and tailored to your needs and goals. I can incorporate hot stones, hot herbal compresses, cupping (silicone cups) and aromatherapy to suit your needs. No extra fees or charges – you get exactly the session you need!

I currently offer by-appointment-only sessions at my home studio in Rainer Beach neighborhood, next to Othello Link station (address provided with booking confirmation).

My rates

  • 60 min massage - $80
  • 90 min massage - $110
  • 90 min Abhyanga treatment - $90

First time clients:

  • 60 min massage for $60
  • 90 min massage for $80

I offer special discounted rates for healers: yoga teachers, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc. - please e-mail me for details!

I do not take insurance.

Check out my blog and Instagram for Ayurvedic wellness tips and tricks. Curious about Ayurveda? Book a consultation!

Valentina Komarova, Licensed massage therapist, WA license MA60835855

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