Work with me one-on-one

Hey, friends!

Short version: I am opening 5 spots for one-on-one work to complete my 500 hours yoga certification. This includes 8 tailored-for-you sessions over 3-4 months at a special rate. Interested? E-mail me or fill out this form.

Long version: I am a certified yoga teacher with 4 years of teaching experience and a licensed massage therapist with deep interest in helping people feel better in their bodies. For the last two years I have been taking advanced yoga training and working towards becoming a Yoga Medicine 500H Therapeutic Yoga Specialist. I took over 300 hours of training in subjects varying from shoulder anatomy and dysfunctions, to nervous system and restorative yoga (you can find a full list of completed modules here). Now my program requires me to put everything that I have learned into practice in a form of targeted, one-on-one sessions with clients and submit case studies to Yoga Medicine faculty afterwards.

Who am I looking to work with?

  • You have a shoulder injury/pain/discomfort, and you are looking to stay active and tailor your practice to support your recovery (1 spot);
  • You are committed to sport (professionally or vocationally – runners, cyclists, crossfitters – this one is for you!) and have always heard that yoga can be helpful for flexibility and mobility, but not sure where to start and which group class to take. We can develop a specific program to support your sports performance and recovery. If you are curious to learn self-myofascial release techniques (foam rollers and MFR balls), this is also for you and we can combine MFR with yoga (2 spots);
  • You are curious about quiet, introverted, slow practices, like Yin or Restorative yoga to downregulate your nervous system, help with sleep and stress in a supportive environment. These sessions can be combined with Thai massage assists (2 spots).

My commitment:

  • develop and lead custom sessions, tailored specifically to your goals;
  • develop short home practices to support our work in between sessions;
  • flexible approach to pricing if money is a concern for you.

Your commitment:

  • attending all 8 sessions within 3-4 months ;
  • doing home practice in between sessions (we can discuss what’s realistic for you in terms of duration and frequency).

Where, when and how much?

  • I have a home studio in South Seattle (Othello Link station), where my prices for 8-class package are:
    • $320 if paid in full in advance ($40/session);
    • $360 (2 payments of 180) if prepaying for 2 months ($45/session);
    • $400 (4 $100 payments over 4 months) if paid monthly ($50/session);
  • If you have a space in your home or apartment building’s gym I am willing to travel within the city (travel fee will be added for this option),
  • I have access to spaces on Lower Queen Anne and U-District (price will be higher to account for cost of renting a space, price depends on location).

It you haven’t taken a class with me before and don’t know me in person, you can read more about me and my trainings here. The best place to take a group class with me is Eka Yoga: on Tuesday evenings I teach both restorative and yin. I am also happy to meet for coffee/tea or have a call to discuss your goals and see if we might be a good fit for each other. Interested? E-mail me directly or fill out this form.

Keeping your cool in the Pitta season

As we move further and further into summer, we fall under the influence of the Pitta – a season governed by the elements of Fire and Water. Pitta qualities are: hot, light, sharp, mobile (spreading), liquid, oily and subtle. In the overall balance, Pitta energy is the force of transformation within us, without it change is impossible: fire takes one thing and transforms it into another. Pitta is our sharp mind, our intellect, our ability to take information, process and draw conclusions and make connections. It’s also the driving force within us.

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Ayurvedic tips for travel

​As we move into the holiday season, Ayurveda can offer some helpful tips on how to stay balanced during travel.

Travel – exciting as it is – can aggravate Vata dosha: our airy, mobile, volatile side. Unbalanced Vata might lead to insomnia, digestion issues, anxiety and general feeling of being spacey and ungrounded.
Travel also throws us off our daily routines and rituals with new schedule, new foods, new impressions, and a lot of change.
So would Ayurveda recommend us not to travel? Of course not! It is a wonderful way to discover yourself and expand your horizons. But Ayurveda suggests several ways to counterbalance the main issues of traveling.

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Food for the Vata season

Tending to your inner fire

Ayurveda suggests that we adjust our daily rituals and foods to the seasons, same as we change our wardrobe with the changing weather. This way we are working with the natural forces around us and within us, not against them, to keep us balanced.

Autumn and early winter are considered Vata season in Ayurveda. Vata is comprised of air and ether elements and Vata season is cold, dry, rough and windy. People who naturally have a lot of Vata tend to get out of balance the most, but during Vata season all of us could develop Vata imbalances: ungroundedness, trouble keeping focus, nervousness, anxiety.

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New year, new life

As we come into new year, we make resolutions and plans, we hope and dream that our lives  will be transformed or at least will get better.

Humankind would not have survived that long (and achieved what we have achieved) if we didn’t believe that tomorrow will be better than yesterday. On the other hand, let’s be honest grownups here, it’s not our first new year, we have been doing this for quite some time now – come morning of January 1st it will be the same you, waking up in the same bed (OK, bed might be different or random, headache might be new), to the same life, with the same joys and problems.

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