Ayurvedic Consultations

Your consultation can cover a wide variety of subjects:
  • Lifestyle: addresses the everyday issues – stress, anxiety, sleep problems, low energy and resilience – through working with seasonal changes, daily habits and individualized rituals.
  • Nutrition: addresses current imbalances and minor digestive issues through a diet that is tailored to your unique constitution and lifestyle.
  • Education: if you are just curious about Ayurveda and want to know your unique type and what it means in practical terms.
  • Individualized yoga sequencefor self practice. Appropriate for your constitution, developed to address current imbalances, refined during a private session, so that you feel confident working with the sequence on your own. (Includes your unique type and imbalances assessment, does not include written food and wellness guidelines)
What to expect at your consultation?
  • Your Ayurvedic type assessment – you will learn about your unique constitution, we will asses current imbalances, I will do a pulse reading
  • We will discuss what being Vata/Pitta/Kapha means in practical terms for your life and how it affects your current concerns.
  • Your current lifestyle assessment – what are your current habits and daily rituals. How are they aligned with your type and with Ayurvedic clock and Ayurvedic view of the seasons.
Based on your current concerns and your Ayurvedic type, I will develop personalized lifestyle and food recommendations, as well as personalized daily rituals. These will be delivered within 3 business days after your consultation. Your personalized assessment and well being plan will include:
  • recap of the main qualities of your unique mind-body type
  • daily and seasonal practices
  • lifestyle guidelines
  • detailed dietary guidelines
  • exercise guidelines
  • aromatherapy suggestions

Follow-up Consultations

I recommend scheduling the first follow-up session within a month after you’ve received your recommendations: this way you’ll have a chance to try them, see what worked and what did not. At the follow up consultation we will discuss how can we further tweak the suggestions that did not work. Further follow-up sessions will address new food and daily practices as the seasons change, and/or developing the individualized yoga sequence.


Initial consultation (90 minutes) – $90
Follow up consultation (60 minutes) – $70
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