Ayurvedic tips for travel

​As we move into the holiday season, Ayurveda can offer some helpful tips on how to stay balanced during travel.

Travel – exciting as it is – can aggravate Vata dosha: our airy, mobile, volatile side. Unbalanced Vata might lead to insomnia, digestion issues, anxiety and general feeling of being spacey and ungrounded.
Travel also throws us off our daily routines and rituals with new schedule, new foods, new impressions, and a lot of change.
So would Ayurveda recommend us not to travel? Of course not! It is a wonderful way to discover yourself and expand your horizons. But Ayurveda suggests several ways to counterbalance the main issues of traveling.

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Food for the Vata season

Tending to your inner fire

Ayurveda suggests that we adjust our daily rituals and foods to the seasons, same as we change our wardrobe with the changing weather. This way we are working with the natural forces around us and within us, not against them, to keep us balanced.

Autumn and early winter are considered Vata season in Ayurveda. Vata is comprised of air and ether elements and Vata season is cold, dry, rough and windy. People who naturally have a lot of Vata tend to get out of balance the most, but during Vata season all of us could develop Vata imbalances: ungroundedness, trouble keeping focus, nervousness, anxiety.

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New year, new life

As we come into new year, we make resolutions and plans, we hope and dream that our lives  will be transformed or at least will get better.

Humankind would not have survived that long (and achieved what we have achieved) if we didn’t believe that tomorrow will be better than yesterday. On the other hand, let’s be honest grownups here, it’s not our first new year, we have been doing this for quite some time now – come morning of January 1st it will be the same you, waking up in the same bed (OK, bed might be different or random, headache might be new), to the same life, with the same joys and problems.

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