​Hi! I am Valentina, a wellbeing practitioner based in Seattle, Washington. I help my clients explore relations between their mind and their body through yoga, Ayurveda and Massage .

My work is to create and hold the space for you to listen and explore yourself. Space to cultivate awareness, attention and sense of self. My goal is to help you find contentment – because I don’t believe in never ending happiness, but I believe in finding that balanced center that allows you to be content and know that everything is well, and you are OK.


You can find me at Dream Clinic U District on Mondays and Fridays PM for Western and Thai Massage.

My private practice is located In South Seattle, close to Othello Link station . E-mail me to book an appointment.

I am trained both in traditional Thai and Western massage, combining the best of these modalities. I am also a Yoga teacher and an Ayurvedic counselor – you may book just a massage with me, but, if you are interested, I will be happy to recommend yoga postures and exercises as well as Ayurvedic practices to support your well-being goals and extend the effects of the treatments you receive.

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I want to support women with my work by creating a nurturing, kind, and non-judgmental space to rest, reset and recharge. Massage affects not just your physical body – by resetting the nervous system and the mind it impacts your whole being.

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For me yoga is a practice of self-awareness. I do not approach it as a purely physical activity, but rather an opportunity to develop useful tools for your life off the mat: being self-aware, being present, being mindful, being connected to your breath and your body.

By offering options, modifications, props and encouraging curious exploration of movement and mind throughout the practice, I create an individual experience in a group setting, supporting you on your personal yoga journey. I teach vinyasa yoga, as well as slower, yin/restorative classes and meditation.

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Ayurveda is an ancient science that empowers you to take control over your well-being. It is not a passing fad or yet another diet – it has been around for over 5000 years, and Ayurvedic practitioners have developed a wide selection of tools to help bring people into the optimal state of being and health.

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